Amazon s3 issues


I'm having two issues with Amazon S3 backups.

The first, is that even though the use of RRS is selected, the *.dom and *.info files are uploaded as standard storage rather than RR storage. The tar.gz files are uploaded as RRS. Is there a reason for this?

Secondly, I can't get deletion of old backups to work for full backups. I have it configured to do a full backup every 7 days to mybucket/%d-%m-%Y and to delete old backups after 30 days. But, old backups are not deleted. This works fine for my incremental backups that happen daily but not the fulls. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks! Alan



The lack of RRS on the .dom and .info files is a bug - I'll fix that in the next release.

As for the deletion of old backups, could you post the output from a backup run that should have deleted some 30-day old backups?

Sorry. I had manually deleted the old backups. This next saturday should give me a test run. I'll see what happens and post back.

Thanks, Alan

Does Virtualmin delete old backups based on the NAME of the directory (hence why I have to name the directory %d-%m-%Y)? Or does it delete based on creation/last modified date? The reason I ask is that this time Virtualmin only deleted one file within 25-08-2012 but left all the others. I had converted all the .dom and .info files to be RRS which changed the modified date to 9/12 so those didn't get purged. So I'm assuming that it uses the creation/last modified date? (I changed the number of days to 27 so that it should delete anything more than 4 weeks worth of backups; but before I manually deleted the backups, I had about 8 weeks worth of full backups while it was suppose to purge anything older than 30 days).

14 servers backed up successfully, 0 had errors. 8 Virtualmin configuration settings backed up successfully. Deleting backups from %d-%m-%Y in Amazon S3 bucket hbdbackupweekly older than 27 days .. Deleting file 25-08-2012/, which is 27 days old .. .. deleted 8.63 GB.

It should delete based on the timestamp on the files, but they also need to match the expected date pattern.

In your case, what is the exact backup destination path you are using on S3?