localips issues..

It seems the localips must be chmod -i before changing a server to a --> Server Configuration --> Change IP Address (Already active Checked)

It will then set the new ip and everything is fine.. Some point later I try to preview the site .. "Connections to IP addresses not on this system are not allowed : "

I then need to go back and added all ips to the now NULL file... I then chattr +i and it works again ...

I worked around the problem, and so I don't need any support.. Just reporting the issue.. Thanks Don



Hmm, are you referring to the "/etc/webmin/virtual-server/localips" file?

That's not actually "chattr +i" on any of the systems I have here.

However, it sounds like the issue is that, for some reason, the contents of that file are being cleared out... and I suspect you're saying it was made +i in order to prevent that.

Jamie, do you know of anything that could cause the IP's there to be removed?

That file should get updated to contain all the local IP addresses on your system .. if it is being emptied, that is a bug.

Which operating system are you running Virtualmin on there?