My processor is a Icore 5. Can I devote a core for vm mktcon?

Despite being configured with 1500 Memory RAM this is not hard to navigate the pages. What could give more power to open flawlessly?

Where could I dispobilizar and visualize the core available for my server "icore5" through the cloudmin?

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Howdy -- by default, a guest VM would have access to all the CPU's.

You can setup limits for guest VM's to restrict their CPU usage.

Details on how to do that are available here:

You can see the cores you have available by choosing a guest VM from the dropdown on the top-left (such as in your case), and then go into Resources -> Manage Virtual CPUs.

Reviewing your system, your Linux kernel appears to be seeing only one CPU core.

If you're expecting to see more than that, you may need to review your BIOS for anything that might be causing it to make only one CPU core available to the OS.

Although I haven't tested this, one post I found via Google suggests that ACPI may need to be enabled in the BIOS in order for multiple cores to be utilized.

When it was first installed the cloudmin appeared all cpus. After the update they disappeared ... It is a pity that your system is unstable in this sense ... What you can do to your system see the cpus again?

the bios was changed at the beginning of virtualization was not enabled because when left not install xen. I believe that this is not the problem ... If you're not with your bios set to accept the xen virtualization lets not install ...

You can pin a VM to a specific host core, at Resources -> Manage Virtual CPUs. And you can limit the VM to using one core at Resources -> Resource Limits.

Cloudmin is simply showing you the CPU's and core's that your Linux system is seeing.

Your Linux system is only seeing 1 core.

You can see that in /proc/cpuinfo.

You're right though, the old kernel you used did indeed show all 4 cores -- and the kernel with Xen support that you're currently using is only showing 1 core.

We haven't seen that issue on other systems (and our own Xen-based servers running Cloudmin show all cores). However, I'm talking to Jamie about what might cause that -- but I do suspect it's either a BIOS setting, or a parameter you may need to pass into the kernel.

The kernel that I put in the machine functioned showing all cpus. I think it is a newer kernel than what you told me to use ... therefore it is not a problem of bios. if no bios problem kernel show the cpu you do not think?

Then add the line kernel /xen.gz dom0_mem=1024M cpufreq=xen dom0_max_vcpus=1 dom0_vcpus_pin after the root line and before the first module line (if you have more than one CPU core, you can specify another number than 1 for dom0_max_vcpus). The final kernel section should look like this:

resolved. was build in the kernel line

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