windowsxp sp3 with kvm

please help, I have installed virtualmin GPL and cloudmin GPL with KVM and a create a VM for WindowsXP SP3 but after I install the OS not have VGA driver and network driver. Which driver it install for VGA and network? I want to run WindowsXp on KVM it is possible with defauld settings? Thanks, Ruben



To get higher resolution graphics working, you may need to go to Edit System -> Advanced KVM details and change "Enable high resolution graphics?" to "Yes", and reboot.

To fix the network driver issue, go to System Configuration -> Network Interfaces -> eth0, and change the "Network device model" to "Intel gigabit ethernet", and reboot.

hello, now it is installed with standard VGA and I think it use the cirrus vga, and it is works, but when I set to higher resolution, after reboot the OS not find VGA driver, and on device manager appair unknowvn driver. I have an issue on zentyal 2.2.2 too, after install it is flickering, I think it is an issue from openbox enviroment?

I'm not sure what could cause that, sorry .. it sounds like a Windows issue.

I would recommend sticking with standard VGA, as that should be enough to get the Windows VM running. Cloudmin isn't designed as a "desktop" virtualization tool like Parallels or VMware, so we haven't put much work into optimizing the UI of virtual machines. Most are managed via SSH, and the console is never used at all.

So it is not posible to install WindowsXp with high res graphics card? It is posible to use in cloudmin vmware graphics card?

How high resolution do you want exactly?