Virtualmin Module Categorization

This is really a theme issue, but I did not see "Theme" as an option in the bug component field above (perhaps it should be added)....

The module for Virtualmin Virtual Servers is not intuitively placed within the "Servers" category. This is especially confusing for new domain administrators, but it is also cumbersome even for those who know where to find it.

In order to manage their domain, an administrator must know to click on the "Servers" tab, then find and click on the Virtualmin module (which is also not intuitively named for those unfamiliar with this product), and finally click on their domain name to manage it. Most customers who are used to other control panels find this very confusing.

I know the Virtualmin module can be recategorized and put under the main "Webmin" tab, but this is only a first step, and should at least be the default for new installations. In fact, for Virtualmin, since there are typically not enough modules that need categories, it seems to make a lot more sense to remove them altogether.

Closed (fixed)