Allowed capabilities not updated on existing virtual servers when removing some

While testing I checked all the capabilities by accident, which were applied to all the virtual servers with the account plan. After resetting this to "automatic, based on other limits" these weren't forced to the allowed capabilities as should have been taken over from the account plan. Looks like you can give more capabilities to the virtual server, but can't remove them without manual editing the (virtual server) owners limits.

Wouldn't this be better off with radiobuttons above the area with the checkboxes, which allows the Master admin to specify if capabilities should been taken over from account plan or applied as specified with the checkboxes?



The "Automatic, based on other limits" mode is a bit misleading .. it actually means that the plan won't enforce any capabilities for existing users - instead they are set for each user individually.

For new users created on the plan, it means that the capabilities will be determined based on the features the initial domain has, and some built-in Virtualmin defaults.

Can there be an option coded to enforce it for servers within a account plan, or a mass update?

If you want to set restrictions or capabilities for all domains on a plan, it is probably best to explicitly choose them on the account plan page, instead of using the "Automatic, based on other limits" mode.

But these will not be enforced to virtual servers within the accountplan, which would require the master administrator to check every virtual server for having a disabled capabilty active as they don't get removed (as I also stated in my first post)