Text at "Edit Databases" might need a review

When the creation of databases is disabled for the virtual server owners, a text will show up saying "No more databases can be added, as you have reached your maximum of 0." based on the settings of the account plan.

However, you can consider it more a restriction than a count when you disable the option to allow the virtual server owner to add databases theirselves. If 0 is set in the account plan, the text shouldn't be displayed but replaced with an alternative text such as "No more database can be added, as this account does not have permissions to add additional database.".

It would also look more convenient as 0 doesn't know any minimum or maximum. As usual, added a screenshot of the text I'm talking about.



On which page did you disable creation of databases by virtual server owners? Was it at Administration Options -> Edit Owner Limits, by setting a maximum of zero for "Maximum allowed databases" ?

No, as mentioned: account plan. :)

So you set "Limit on number of databases" to zero on the "Edit Account Plan" page?

The better method if you want to deny access to databases altogether would be to un-check the "Can manage databases" capability.

This might be a better example: the same line is show when the virtual server owner has reached its limit of allowed databases. Altough the same line could be used in both situations. :)