After restore - No MySQL option to enable

We are upgrading our Ubuntu 8.08 server to a new 12.04 version. The new LAMP server has MySQL installed and running. When I backed up the domain on the old VM and restored it to the new one it complanined that mysql wasn't installed and running. It was, so I carried on through, but there are no database options in the sidebar under the domain and no checkbox to enable MySQL under Edit Virtual Server, even though MySQL is running on the new installation. Can you give me some help here? Thanks, Jeff

Closed (fixed)


I figured it out. There is a checkbox under System Settings, Features and Plugins for MySQL that needed to be checked. Apparently that is not done by default when setting up a LAMP server in 12.04. Thanks, Jeff

Howdy -- I'm glad you figured it out!

It should indeed enable MySQL by default on Ubuntu 12.04. However, if it got confused and didn't think MySQL was available, it may have disabled that option.

It appears as if it got "un-confused", as it later let you enable it... so that's good news, and it sounds like things are working okay now.

You may want to go into System Settings -> Re-Check Config just to make sure everything checks out though.

If you have any other questions, feel free to let us know!