Scheduled removal


When customers are leaving they sometimes request their virtual server to be removed in a couple of weeks or months. It would be great if we can set and forget such a removal. A daily cron of virtualmin could remove the virtual server on the requested day. Of course a list of scheduled removals would be necessary so you can stil retract servers when a customer changes his mind. Maybe you could also use a schedule for other things like upgrading or downgrading a server account and ...

Thanks, Martijn



Howdy -- well, that's kind of getting near the billing side of things, which wonderful tools such as WHMCS can handle.

However, one way you could schedule a removal by setting up a cronjob in Webmin -> System -> Scheduled Cronjobs, and use the Virtualmin command line.

A command such as this can do that:

/usr/sbin/virtualmin delete-domain --domain DOMAIN_NAME.TLD

Note that the above would need to be added into root's cron, not one of the users.