Usermin Copy Certificate From Webmin Bug

Hi Guys,

When applying a new wildcard certificate to one of our soon to be production Virtualmin 3.93 PRO boxes I came across what appears to be a little bug.

Basically here is what I am experiencing, I applied a new SSL Cert in Webmin Configuration -> SSL Encryption and saved/rebooted/tested that it took by accessing hostname:10000 without a SSL Warning. Then when I try to Copy that Certificate with that nice button at the base of the Usermin Configuration -> SSL Encryption page, it only copies the chained certs entry.

I have attached the documentation so you can see exactly what I am experiencing.

Virtualmin 3.93 PRO Webmin is 1.590 Usermin is 1.510

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P.S. Has anyone told you guys how AWESOME your product is today? If not, let me be the first.

Closed (works as designed)


That may be what is supposed to happen - when you click the copy button, the Webmin cert is copied into the files Usermin is already using. However, the chained cert setting in Usermin is just modified to point to Webmin's chained cert.

Are you sure that Usermin was using the incorrect cert after you clicked the copy button?

Hi Jaime,

I did not verify that until just now and you are correct : ) the webmin cert and key are copied to the default names for usermin.

Thx for the quick answer.


May I suggest a slight modification?

Add another button that is labeled "Use Certificate from Webmin" which when clicked would copy the file paths from the Webmin SSL support entry to the Usermin SSL support entry.

This will make Certificate Renewal much easier for someone who uses a single wildcard cert for all of the services on the machine and results in only having to replace 3 files during a Cert renewal.

If not, no worries,


I was thinking about doing it that way, but decided against it as the linkage between the two sets of certs wouldn't be clear. For example, updating the cert in Webmin wouldn't automatically restart Usermin to apply it.

No worries, I will manually enter the paths and restart all services as usual after a cert renewal.

Thx for taking time to consider it.