This web page is not available VirutalMin cannot load any websites


I rent a dedicated server with 2GB RAM with a basic Intel Celeron and 1TB HDD, I run Linux Centos 6 on it. I installed Virtualmin via this:

wget chmod +x ./

I then installed two websites, one is a subdomain one is a normal domain. They both worked fine for 5 or so hours but they just domly went down and when I try to load it in a browser I get: "This web page is not available". I have already tested it on two other different dedicated servers with the same installation method and it doesn't work, it still gives the same error after a while. I have run these websites for a long time on another dedicated server previously until this error came up so I moved it to the Intel Celeron server to check if it fixed it and it didn't. It always gives the same error on the browser: "This web page is not available".

I can load Virtualmin fine on https://myIP:10000 so the webserver is working but I cannot access my sites so it seems like a virtualmin problem. The odd thing is sometimes it will magically appear again and start working, then 10 seconds later it will give the same message on the browser: "This web page is not available". I have tested it on lots of other people's PCs around the World so it's not a problem with my PC or router.

I have restarted virtualmin via the command and I have also restarted httpd and mysqld many times but it still fails to work and gives the same error: "This web page is not available". If you would liek to see the error here it is:

I really would appreciate it if anyone could help me out, this is a huge problem for me and I need to get it fixed ASAP.

Thanks a lot -James



Howdy -- it looks like the DNS for those sites resolves to the IP address "", does that sound correct?

It does look like Apache and Webmin are remotely accessible on that IP, but as you said, it doesn't seem to return a website.

I'd suggest starting out by reviewing your Apache errors logs -- those may offer some clues as to what's going wrong. Those are in $HOME/logs/error_log.

However, if you have further questions -- the support area here is for Virtualmin Pro customers, we'd suggest starting a new thread about your issue in the forums, using the "Forums" link above. We monitor the forums, along with logs of other wonderful folks... thanks!