duplicate the database and files through Virtualmin

One of our server admin's wrote us the following today. In truth he manages to break his server more than most. Now he says the cloning function is not working.

".... I am trying to create a new virtual server from an existing virtual server on the same machine.

The new virtual server will have a different dedicated IP, different domain name, login and password. The new and old database and files will be changed after cloning.

I use to use the Clone Virtual Server under 'SERVER CONFIGURATION' but for some unknown reason it will not work now and fails every time. Is there an alternative way to duplicate the database and files through Virtualmin? ..."

This is an aspect of Virtualmin I have little or no experience with so I did not know what to tell him. Suggestions welcome.

Closed (fixed)


Abort. Server admin says all is working now. Sorry about that.

Ok, closing this bug then ..