Alias setup - 403 error?


I created an alias / parked domain of another domain (virtual server) which is running. However, i only get a 403 / 404 error.. it is a newly created alias so i assumed it would just redirect accordingly? Also to note i get the same screen when creating any new virtual server until i place some html file in the main public dir.

Any ideas? Thank you!




[Fri Jun 29 09:27:58 2012] [error] [client] Directory index forbidden by Options directive: /home/corporatewellnessprogram/public_html/, referer:

Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache Server at Port 80

update - if i place www. before the domain it works... but without the www. it throws the 403 error..?

Howdy -- it's normal to see a 403 error prior to uploading a website for a newly created Virtual Server.

Normally, an alias would show exactly what it's parent domain shows... so if the parent domain works, so would the alias -- or if the parent domain throws an error, the alias would too.

In this case though -- are you saying the parent domain displays a working website, but the alias is showing an error?

if i place www. before the domain it works... but without the www. it throws the 403 error..?

What is the name of the alias in question?

And what is it's parent domain name? We can use that information to do some testing. Thanks! is the alias is the parent


Hmm, each of those seem to work for me -- both with and without the 'www' in them. They all take me to the same working website.

I suspect you may be seeing either a browser cache issue, or a DNS cache issue.

If it's a browser cache issue, you could either try a different browser, or clear out your browser cache.

If it's a DNS cache issue -- you may need to wait a day before the DNS cache clears.

Fantastic, i will wait and check tomorrow. Sorry to bug you on this it was just strange the way it was progressing.. thanks again!