Can't create remote DNS host

I'm running a number of machines:

  • One cloudmin.real instance (physical)
  • One Virtualmin Pro instance (physical)
  • A number of webmin/virtualmin systems (both physical and virtual)

I'd like to have one DNS server controlled by virtualmin, where virtualmin would create records as appropriate (*), but do not know how to do so after reading the docs. I'm lost in the terminology of "cloudmin services client" and such, how do I need to configure it?

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(*) Opposite to having BIND on every instance. Same is true for mysql.



If you want to offload your DNS and MySQL hosting to a separate system, you would need to make use of "Cloudmin Services", which we are currently beta testing.

Let me know if you'd like to get a copy ..

I'd love to try that. All but the cloudmin system are publicly visible, is that an issue? On which system does that "Cloudmin services" plugin need to be installed?

I should add what I'd like to achieve: I want to move various dedicated servers onto one physical platform running OpenVZ containers for different applications (using Proxmox VE, btw). One of the OpenVZ containers will hold the Virtualmin Pro installation along with a number of domains, others will run Virtualmin GPL or just Webmin for more specialized applications.

What puzzles me most is how to organize my backups. Virtualmin is great doing backups, that's one of my favorite features, but it's limited to one system containing all of the domains services. Doing domain-specific backups for a domain that spreads multiple servers is more difficult.

The Cloudmin Services plugin only needs to be installed on the Cloudmin master system. The clients need to run Virtualmin (GPL or Pro), and the remote systems that host your DNS or MySQL servers need only run Webmin.

The idea is that you can offload the MySQL databases from multiple Virtualmin systems onto a single system - and same for DNS zones. Does that fit your use case?