A problem was detected with your Virtualmin license : The licence for this server expired on 2012-02-27

Order #: 6292 Order Date: 2012-06-26 10:48 Products Subtotal: $130.00 ------ Total for this Order: $130.00

Products on order: 2 x Virtualmin 50 Annual Renewal - $130.00 ($65.00 each) SKU: revm50

THis is not showing.. I get the Title error



Howdy -- can you confirm which license(s) that your two renewals should be applied to? Is it just that once license, or is there another showing up as expired as well?

Yes, I simply "doubled up" on the renewal since I let it lapse. I'm just tryin to avoid relapsing and give myself some breathing room.. thanks

Gotcha! Okay, you're all set now, I've applied your extension. Thanks for renewing!

Thanks, I see it now! I really appreciate you guys and VirtualMin!