Failed to create virtual server

This is related to bug #6, but I was unable to comment on it.

I set the Apache module configuration to create all new virtual domains in a separate file called httpd-webmin.conf, as I had done previously in the GPL version. However, this file was not automatically created by either the Apache module or Virtualmin. So, when I created my first virtual server, it failed with the following error:

Adding new virtual website ..
.. Apache website failed! : Unsupported file or mode >httpd-webmin.conf at main::../ line 1643 at ../ line 823.

It then continued on, failing on several other functions which were obviously dependent on the existence of the virtual server in Apache. Finally, it ultimately fails with this error:

Failed to create virtual server : Unsupported file or mode >httpd-webmin.conf at postfix::../ line 1643

I'm not sure why it refers to postfix there, since there were no e-mail related errors in the setup process above.

So, I "touch"ed the file httpd-webmin.conf and attempted to recreate the virtual server, but now Virtualmin thinks it already exists (even though it doesn't show up in the list):

Failed to create virtual server : A unix user called or group called already exists

To resolve this problem, I had to back out of each action that Virtualmin successfully completed when first creating the virtual server. This should happen automatically when the server creation fails to allow the administrator to address only the root cause and then try attempt to recreate the server.

Closed (fixed)