Installation of new license

Hi, I saw a message today that my cloudmin.real license expired so I went to the shop and bought a renewal for $48. That license has a different serial number, how do I make cloudmin pick it up? Regards,




A renewal doesn't issue a new serial number - your system should detect the new expiry date automatically with 24 hours with no other action required.

Hi Jamie, thanks. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened:

  • The old license no. (type "real") is marked as expired.
  • The new license no. (type "NULL") is valid for one year.

I guess you can have a look at my licenses. A shop error, maybe?

We may need to look into all that to make sure there isn't a shop error -- but in the meantime I applied the renewal to your Cloudmin license.

Thanks for renewing!

I need to reopen this ticket (although it was never closed in the first place) This happened again in 2013 and now, every time I try to renew my cloudmin license. I already wrote email to and, the latter pointing me to the issue tracker.

Please check my cloudmin licenses, allowing me to recheck #5558108 again.



ps: Check your shop software, it's b0rken.

I applied your license extension, and I'll talk to Joe about the issues with the shop.

Thanks for using Cloudmin!