Email problems - users


I have had a problem with my amazon virtual server where i had to go back to an old backup of my / partition but not my /home partition. Now some of the users that were originaly present in the server before the crash are unable to log in to pop3 or smtp. Is there a way to synchronise the user accounts all together?




Howdy -- well, it's tough to say what might be going on there. I've been reviewing the logs in your other post, and they weren't offering a clear error message. You may want to double-check that no errors are listed in your mail logs (either /var/log/maillog or /var/log/mail.log)... previously it was only showing messages about the client disconnecting.

You may also want to review the permissions of your files and directories in /home, and make sure they match your users in /etc/passwd. The users and their associated filesystem permissions may have gotten out of sync with what you're describing.

If you're seeing any permission issues, you can go into Limits and Validation -> Validate Virtual Servers -> Fix Permissions, and use that to fix them.

Also, if only the user in /etc/passwd was restored, but that user's homedirectory was never re-created (in /home/VIRTUAL_SERVER_OWNER/homes/USERNAME), that could cause problems too... if you didn't have a backup, you may need to manually re-create those home directories.

It sounds like you're using Virtualmin GPL at the moment though -- for Virtualmin GPL users, you'd want to use the forums for support. We monitor the forums, along with lots of wonderful folks from the community! You can access the forums using the Forums link above. Thanks!