System Updates - Security Only?

Hi Guys,

Over the weekend I applied system Updates to 1 of my Ubuntu 10.04 Xen VMs using the Cloudmin "Update Packages" button on the "List Managed Systems" area. This totally hosed the Virtualmin system (virtualmin-base was uninstalled along with Apache2). I later realized that the Updates I had applied to the UBUNTU system through Cloudmin were both the Security Updates and the Program Upgrades (*I am pretty sure the Program Upgrades were to blame).

Is it possible to configure Virtualmin/Cloudmin to breakout the updates in Cloudmin as "Security Updates" and "Program Upgrades" like Aptitude does? (Atleast for Ubuntu/Debian Systems?)

In my attached images, the highlighted updates link in Cloudmin are the 13 upgradeable packages shown in my Aptitude screen shot.

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Closed (works as designed)


Oops here is the Aptitude screen shot.

Do you happen to know which package causes virtualmin-base to get un-installed?

Showing security updates only would be a nice feature, but I don't know of any way to make the apt-get command list only security updates, or indicate which ones are which..

Also, is it possible that someone ran the command "apt-get autoremove"?

The virtualmin-base package shouldn't be removed by updating any package, though we've occasionally seen the problem you're describing if someone were to run "apt-get autoremove" (which we don't recommend).

Hi Jamie and Eric,

The dpkg log shows a lot of half configured packages... I don't see what led to the virtualmin-base uninstall however. I attached the dpkg log for the cloudmin install time span, maybe something will jump out : ).

As far as a way to handle security only updates, here is an idea I just googled that might be worth trying out for Debian distros :

Might be nice as a configurable option,


I had a look at that page, but the solution it suggests of creating a custom sources.list file isn't really applicable for use in Webmin. I looked for a way to make the apt-show-versions command include repository names in it's output, but it doesn't seem to have any option for this :-(

Ok, no worries. It was just a pipe dream of mine : ).

This can be marked as fixed.


I'd like to do this (as Virtualmin does for YUM systems), but sadly APT just doesn't supply the needed information..