Edit Users - Mail Quota Unlimited

Hi, I'm using webmin and virtualmin. I've set the account plans, created virtual servers and users. One thing i couldn't understand is Server Owner can create a mail users with unlimited quota and it's not a thing that i don't want. How can i disable "Unlimited" quota in user creation.




It isn't really unlimited - the mailbox is still limited by the domains quota.

but i query the user on server and it seems NOLIMIT. I'm using QMail/VpopMail.

What output do you see if you run these two commands on the server as root:

quota -v USERNAME
quota -g USERNAME

Where "USERNAME" is the email user that was recently added.

Since it's only an e-mail user it gives the output below;

# quota -g deneme@deneyfaresi.net
quota: group deneme@deneyfaresi.net does not exist.

# quota -g deneme
quota: group deneme does not exist.

# quota -v deneme@deneyfaresi.net
quota: user deneme@deneyfaresi.net does not exist.

# quota -v deneme
quota: user deneme does not exist.


So are your mailboxes actually qmail+vpopmail accounts, rather than being regular Unix users?

Ah, right, with QMail/VpopMail those users don't actually exist on the system.

When using Postfix/Dovecot, the quotas would indeed apply to email users.

Jamie would need to comment on that, I'm unfortunately not sure how quotas work within VpopMail.

So if a vpopmail user has unlimited quota, is he still not restricted by the domains quota?

Server Owner can assign unlimited quota while creating user even if plan has limits on quota.

Right, but can that mailbox actually use more disk space than the domain's quota?

Thank you for the replies. I didn't try those quota management but it's not the problem, the user is unlimited on qmail server. how can i disable unlimited quota on mail user creation?

Unfortunately there is no way to disable unlimited quota currently.

So, what can i use the option below for?

Default quota for new mail users

When creating a new mail, FTP or database user in a virtual server using this template, the quota set in this field will be used by default.

I believe what Jamie is describing there is a limitation in using Vpopmail in Virtualmin.

Although it is possible to create Vpopmail users in Virtualmin, it's not as well supported as other options. We'd recommend using Postfix (along with Dovecot) where possible, as that supports all the mail options. It also supports per-user quotas.


Last question, is there anyway i can edit a file and force system not to show unlimited radio button?

You could edit the file /usr/share/webmin/virtual-server/edit_user.cgi and delete these three lines :

                &ui_radio("qquota_def", $user->{'qquota'} ? 0 : 1,
                               [ [ 1, $text{'form_unlimit'} ],
                                 [ 0, " " ] ])." ".