cPanel migration of an aliased subdomains loses mail users and data

Migrating a cPanel account, with all default options. The account has one domain and a bunch of subdomains, and a few aliases of subdomains. The mail users associated with an alias of a subdomain disappear during the migration; no user accounts are created, and no mail is migrated, though both are present in the backup.

I'm thinking this situation should automatically promote the problem domain to a sub-server, or something, so that data isn't left behind. I'm not seeing any easy way to correct this problem manually, either, since cPanel provides no means of just backing up users or just one domain (and I don't see a way to "promote" a subdomain to a real account in cPanel in advance of migration). So, users are kinda screwed in such a circumstance.



This could be problematic to migrate, as in Virtualmin an alias domain doesn't have any of its own content - it just serves the same website and mailboxes as the target domain. So if it was promoted to a sub-server during migration to allow the mailboxes to exist, it wouldn't be a web alias domain anymore ..

I assume cPanel has a different model for how an alias domain can behave?

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Submitted by Joe on Fri, 06/15/2012 - 19:42 Pro Licensee

cPanel seems to have much less coupling between web and mail; in the list mailboxes page, all of the mail addresses are listed, regardless of the domain they are associated with. I don't think I'd want to go that far down the disassociation path, I'm not sure it's necessary to impose this limitation for alias domains...Postfix/Dovecot obviously don't care about what the web server is configured to do, so I'm not sure Virtualmin needs to enforce such a restriction.

I suppose we could handle this by turning an alias domain like this into a subserver with a redirect or proxy for the website to the target domain.

Do you have the cpanel backup file around somewhere that I can access so I can confirm the format in this case?