Impossible to add NIC to KVM VM


We cloned of of our VM's (on CentOS 5.8), and then moved it to another KVM host, via Cloudmin.

Now, we want to add to this VM a new NIC (eth1).

Problem : when we stop the VM, there's nothing in "System Configuration /Network Interfaces". If we try to add eth1 anyway, we have this error message :

"Failed to get list of network interfaces : Failed to list /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts : ls: cannot access /mnt/ No such file or directory"

When we start the VM again, we can see the NICs under "System Configuration /Network Interface".

We added a new NIC on several other VMs without any problem on the same KVM host.

Any idea ?




If you SSH into the VM while it is running, does the directory /etc/sysconfig/network-interfaces exist?

Also, if you SSH into the Cloudmin master system as root and run :

cloudmin mount-system --host

does it succeed? And if so, can you see the VM's root filesystem under /mnt/ on the host system?

Make sure you run :

cloudmin umount-system --host

to remove the filesystem mount afterwards.


Yes, the "/etc/sysconfig/network-interfaces" directory exists.

Concerning the "cloudmin-mount-system" command, I guess we have to shutdown the VM to run it ?

If yes, I can't do that now, because the VM is in production, but I'll try when I can.

Could I check something else in the meanwhile ?

Yes, you would need to shut it down before the mount-system command works.

Because the problem you reported only happens when the VM is shut down, it can only be debugged when the VM is down as well..

By the way, did this problem occur before you did the VM move?