Connecting to mail server via IP adress


I'm installing virtualmin for a website and would like to try the mail server before pointing the domain to the server. Therefore i would like to conect to the pop server using the ip adress.

Also this server is hosted on Amazon, do you have any suggestions about the server's network configuration?




Howdy -- there shouldn't be any problem in doing that. It should be no problem to access IMAP/POP by using the IP address.

It's also no problem to use Amazon, just make sure that when you go into System Settings -> Re-Check Config, that it doesn't notice any problems.

Thank you for the fast reply. I am also mistified by the internal and external IP.

The problem i am getting is when i connect via the ip and use the wrong password, i get a wrong password error. When i connect with the right password, i get disconnected from the server error message.

Thank you very much

Do you see any errors in the mail logs when that happens? The mail logs are located in /var/log/mail.log, or /var/log/maillog, depending on your distro.

I will definetly verify that.

You guys are realy fast!!!

All i seem to get is : Jun 11 19:21:31 domU-12-31-39-15-3D-FA postfix/smtpd[25973]: connect from[] Jun 11 19:21:31 domU-12-31-39-15-3D-FA postfix/smtpd[25973]: lost connection after AUTH from[] Jun 11 19:21:31 domU-12-31-39-15-3D-FA postfix/smtpd[25973]: disconnect from[]

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I don't see any obvious error there, and typically IMAP/POP work without any problems or configuration requirements.

Out of curiosity, are you able to login when connecting to Usermin on port 20000?

Yes i am able to connect to Usermin

Well, I unfortunately can't read non-English messages (it looks like your error is in French).

However, since it does work using Usermin, and you aren't seeing any errors when connecting from your other client -- that may mean the problem you're having is specific to your email client.

You may wish to try another client, and see if you have different results.

Sory for the french, Essentialy it means "connection to host lost"

I've tryed connectiong with my gmail interface and got the same error.


Here is the error i get in englis : Connection closed by remote host: The other server terminated our connection. Please contact your other email provider for more information.

Here is some more detail related to this issue :

i have 2 IP Adress (one internal and one is my elastic ip - amazon) : internal : external :

How should i configure the server so that emails work? currently when i set a domain to be on the external ip, the http server dose not work.

The error i am getting is : "550 550 5.1.1 Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local recipient table (state 13)."

Out of curiosity, which Virtualmin version are you using there -- is that Pro or GPL? Thanks!