I noticed there is an option for an AMI that is pre-built with monthly pricing. Is there separate pricing for reserved instances and can the AMI's be used with existing VMin licenses (i.e. no monthly charge)?



You can just install Virtualmin into an EC2 instance that you created normally - we fully support Amazon Linux, so you can use micro instances if you want.

A couple more questions, although this thread is stale...

  • What is the domain limit for the Large AMI with Pro? I currently have a Pro 50.
  • How do the multiple elastic IP's work within VMin? I'm assuming I would launch the instance, then change the IP's in Webmin, then re-configure in VMin?
  • I am very nervous about loosing data... with the EBS backed ami, does all of the data reside there or is the core OS on the instance store and I would have a separate EBS data partition for the domains?

Sorry to ask so many questions. I appreciate any answers you can give

  1. The only limit we enforce is based on whatever Virtualmin licence you use when installing on the EC2 instance. If you use our paid AMI, there is no limit on the number of domains.

  2. EC2 instances have a separate internal and external IP, and the elastic IP is used for the external address only. So if you change the external IP, you will need to enter it at Edit Virtual Server -> External IP address.

  3. By default the EBS-backed AMI all the data and the core OS reside on the same partition. However, you could create and mount a separate EBS device at /home before creating any domains, and Virtualmin will use that to store everything in domains' home directories (but not MySQL databases).

Thank you... You're easing my mind about AWS :-)