Sarnayesazan (Back up link)

Hi, i have Virtual sever and i want to transfer my database to another server,Unfortunately i couldn't create back up my data base. please guide me to solve this problem. my server Identification:

URL: User: sarmayesazan Pass: 987654321

and i want to transfer User: sarmayesazan Pass: FWwYUAuC0M2

if it is impossible please create full back up and give me the link for transferring please send me your opinion to my email (

best regards



Howdy -- it looks like you're using Virtualmin GPL there. For folks looking for support with Virtualmin GPL, we'd encourage you to use the forums, which you can access using the "Forums" link above.

We monitor the forums, along with lots of wonderful folks from the community!

When you post your question there -- be sure to explain how you attempted to make a database backup, and what error you get when trying to make a backup of your database.

Normally, you would make a database backup in one of two ways:

  1. Go into Backup and Restore -> Backup Virtual Server, and create a new backup of your entire domain -- that would include the database.

  2. To make a backup of just your database, you could also go into Edit Databases -> DATABASE_NAME -> Manage Databases -> Backup Database -- and you can generate your backup there.

If you have any questions on the above procedures, feel free to ask about that in the forums. Thanks!