error with SSL feature after upgrade to 3.92.gpl GPL

after an upgrade to version 3.92.gpl GPL, the Re-Check Configuration is forced and displays this error message:

Failed to save enabled features : The Apache configuration on your system does not appear to be listening on port 10000, which is needed to host SSL websites. If you do not plan to host SSL sites, this feature should be disabled in Virtualmin's module configuration page.

when disabled the feature SSL, the check goes through and is OK.

it's not possible to reenable the SSL feature and i'm not sure if having listening apache on port 10000 is a good idea as it will block the webmin 10000 port. so i suppose this a bug. apache is listening to 443 and 80 as stated in ports.conf



Howdy -- yeah, Apache definitely should not be listening on port 10000. So we'll just need to figure out why Virtualmin thinks that :-)

What output do you receive when running this command:

find /etc/apache2 | xargs grep 10000 2>/dev/null

only the rewrite rules for the admin et webmail urls which are added to the virtual hosts, nothing else ...

it looks thougt that the apache webmin module is missing the upper section with the port definitions. on my other virtualmin hosts this section is present ... i already tryed to reinstall the apache webmin module but that didn't change anything ...

If you edit the file /etc/webmin/virtual-server/config , make sure the web_sslport line is set to 443, not 10000.

that was the error, it's fixed now. but i never edited the virtualmin config file manually on this host. i used to get it set up. maybe the error is in the install script ... greetings and thanks

Did you perhaps change the SSL port at System Settings -> Virtualmin Configuration, or System Settings -> Server Templates?