website redirect error after upgrade to v.3,92

Hy Everyone!

I upgrade my virtualmin (with GPL license) new version, and the website redirect function is working bad. Apache can't restart while this function create bad redirect config.

Can everyone solution for this problem?


Sorry my English is not perfect.



i can modify manual the redirecting under webmin, that works fine.

Bad syntax:

From: /(.*)$ To: /home/domain/public_html

Good syntax is:

From: /(.*)$ To: /home/domain/public_html/$1

What is the error you are getting from Apache?

Yes, the error generated by Apache. You can view the problem in your browser. :S You can upgrade the latest version of virtualmin and create new website redirecting, and test your browser. The error source is created command under virtualmin.

Ok .. but can you tell me what the exact error you are getting from Apache is?

The Bad line in the config file: (this create the virtualmin) AliasMatch /(.*)$ /home/domain.tld/public_html/

It's good: (this is the fixed problem (under GPL licensing) AliasMatch /(.*)$ /home/domain.tld/public_html/$1

I don't see how that directive is bad though - on my test system, Apache accepts it just fine.

Thank you the answers.

I don't upgrade the system in the future and the problem solved.