Upgrading from the 10 pack to the 50 pack

Expiry date 2012-08-27

But I would like to upgrade to the 50-pack right now.

Do I have to wait until re-up time? or can it be prorated?

Thank you Dallas Ray Smetter dsmetter@mobilek16.com



Howdy -- unfortunately, we don't have a system for pro-rating.

However, you could take advantage of the Virtualmin 10 renewal price by first renewing your Virtualmin 10, and then buying your upgrade.

That would push your next renewal date back to 2013-08-27.

It appears that you've already purchased the Virtualmin 10 to 50 upgrade -- if you wanted to take advantage of the Virtualmin 10 renewal cost, I can manually apply the renewal for you if you wanted to buy your Virtualmin 10 renewal now.

Yes I like your suggestion - pls manually apply the renewal so I can save the cost and push my next renewal date back to 2013-08-27

Thank you for this I appreciate it!

I'd be happy to do that -- just go ahead and buy your Virtualmin 10 renewal, and I'll apply that to your license now.

I just boutht the 10pack renewal

Okay, all set, I've extended your license.

Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions.

Thanks for choosing Virtualmin!