Set the Document Root

Hello, I upgraded to V3.92gpl from 3.89gpl. After the upgrade, the box "Virtual Server Details" in "Services/Configure Website" disappeared. It proveded an easy way to set the Document Root and there was even a browser button. Now it shows : "This Apache virtual host belongs to the Virtualmin server, so the address, port, base directory and hostname cannot be changed here." I thought this meant the change could be done via Vmin of the website, but that wasn't the case. The only way I found to set the Document Root via Vmin is via "Edit Directives" and set the Document Root manually. I experience this as a loss of functionality, and I hope to see this function back in future releases. Thank you



Howdy -- thanks for your comments! There is an existing issue regarding that, though it's marked as private -- I'll copy and paste the relevant comments from that issue so you can see our reasoning and how to go about that now:

This was removed on purpose, because making the change under "Configure Website" is effectively going
behind Virtualmin's back .. and users can make changes that Virtualmin doesn't support.

However, there is a supported way to do this - just go to Server Configuration -> Website Options, and use
the "Website documents sub-directory" field.

Hello, Thank you for your speedy reply. I fully understand the reasoning behind that decision, and the way it is done now is more logical. May I suggest however to rename "Website documents sub-directory" into "Website Document Root" and to add a "browser button" behind that field so that the directory can be selected from within the browser as it was done before. I believe this to be clearer and it provides an easier admin, which is the purpose of Vmin after all.

We can't allow the directory to be set arbitrarily though - it has to be under the domains home, and not under the home of some other domain. So a file browser doesn't really make sense.