12.04: "apache up" issue

Virtualmin shows apache as down in system information But apache is up and running (fine).

Closed (fixed)


If you click on "Apache Webserver" on the system information page, what does it show in the top-right corner of the page it takes you to? If it shows "Start Apache", that means Virtualmin thinks it is down ..

It showed "stop apache". But on the virtualmin system information it showed "down" (icon).

After I clicked on the start and stop icon and then start again, it showed the correct status

After rebooting I am not able to reproduce this anymore :-) but I will check when I test the installer again.

The System Information page shows cached data about what servers are up, refreshed in the background every 5 minutes. This discrepancy probably would have also gone away if you'd clicked the 'Refresh system information" link in the top right.

I clicked on refresh, but it still didn't refresh. Oh, well I can not reproduce this anymore, so that's good. Maybe it is related to the other problem I reported where virtualmin "forgot" to install all the dependencies (which I did manually).

Anyway, I reinstalled the server unsing the latest install.sh and the installer worked perfectly. No issues so far.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.