contributing/suggesting changes to virtualmin

What is the best way for us to contribute to the virtualmin GPL code? In particular we are trying to make use of the API and it is lacking several features we want. We can see how to add them in but Im not sure what the best approach for this is.



You could submit code patches to us directly, at . Alternately if the API change is simple, just let us know here and we may be able to implement it directly.

What changes did you have in mind?

Ill prepare some detail for you. The main one that comes to mind is the last mail received information - your api actually calls the function that returns this but then drops it when returning information out to the api client. I recall there are also auto responder settings we cant get access to via the api. Basically there are a number of things that the UI does but the API is missing. Anyway let me get you some quality detail first and we can discuss how to handle them.

Thanks Tom

Sure, send me a list of missing features, or post it here.

You can get the last login time from the API though, with the list-users call. It should be in the "Last logins" field.

Also, the modify-user call can be used to setup an autoreponder for a user.