Installation broken on Amazon Linux x64

Hello guys.

I'm trying hard to get a good setup on AWS South America.

I tried to launch an instance of Amazon Linux x64 and got a problem with repodata folder, and digging the folder is empty, causing the 404 error of wget and breaking the installation.

I also tried before this an Ubuntu installation, that consumes too much memory than CentOS/Amazon Linux.

The RightScale AMI's have trouble with Repository's and create a faulty dependency of MySQL (packages naming are conflicting).

You still doesn't provide an AMI for SA region.

The latest CentOS that I made I got problems with SuEXEC.

Please advise, any help is greatly appreciated!

PS: I'm trying to move off cPanel.



Looks like the repo metadata wasn't updated ... please try again now.

Awesome support.

Worked like a charm!

Any chances for an AMI for South America region?

I'll look into it. Unfortunately replicating the AMI for each region is a manual process :-(