Can not log into usermin

I have tried and can not log into usermin. I am trying to get the email working on my server Once that is done I will get the mail working on other sites on the server. I have tried to log into but server not found error.

Ii have requested a second static ip from my isp and will have it in a week so I can set up primary and secondary DNS servers but until then I am stuck with using Godaddy for that and I very likely screwed up the MX record.

Any help would be appreciated. This is on an automatic install of virtualmin pro on a fresh CentOS 6.2

Both websites hosted are working fine.



We recently began seeing problems with Usermin and PAM.

To resolve that, try editing /etc/usermin/miniserv.conf, add no_pam=1 to the end of that file, and restart Usermin.

Once you do that, are you able to log into Usermin?

We're trying to track down the source of this problem -- could you paste in the output of this command:

find /usr/ -name

As well as this command:

rpm -qa | grep Authen-PAM


I tried putting the no_pam=1 at the end of the miniserv.conf file and no difference. I ran the commands that you listed and there was no output for either one.

If you need root access of my site, let me know - I will send you the password in private. I don't mind, neither site is live yet, but they are both available to the internet.

Any other suggestions? I am a paying customer and would like some support.

Sorry for the delay -- we've been working on fixing some Usermin related problems that we've noticed in the recent version. I originally thought that's what you were running into.

However, upon deeper inspection -- you appear to be seeing a different issue there.

The problem you're having appears to be a DNS related problem.

That is, the DNS for the domain "" is currently hosted at GoDaddy, and is using GoDaddy's nameservers.

So if you want "" to function, what you would need to do is log into GoDaddy, go to their DNS manager, and add a DNS entry for that points to your server's IP address.

Once you do that, you should be good to go! (though you may need to wait a few hours for that DNS entry to be active)

Thanks so much for the info. I changed what I thought was the correct thing in GoDaddy and if it doesn't work I will call them to see what they say about the changes I made. I may need some more help next week as I am getting a second static IP and a speed increase from my ISP so I am going to put up my own DNS server.