Moving Virtual server via Cloudmin Master fails

We are trying to move all virtual servers from a psyical system to a virtual system located on the cloudmin master. But every time we try to move the servers we keep receving this error on all servers:

"Downloading backup of in file .. .. download failed : SSH failed to complete in seconds"

It has worked before so we can't figure out why it won't work now?

Both the psyical and the virtual system is running ubuntu 10.04 lts with all updates installed, same versions of webmin and virtualmin (latest)

I'm not able to attach files here so if you need any logs please let me no what logs you need and where to send them.

Please help! =)



This is a known bug which will be fixed in the next release.

But if you want a pre-release version, just let us know and I can email it yo you.

Are you running Cloudmin GPL or Pro, and on which linux distribution is the master running?

We are running Ubuntu Server 10.04 lts 64bit and Cloudmin Pro.

Ok, I have emailed you an updated .deb file.