Virtualmin custom Fields not saved when modifying a domain


I'm trying to use the custom fields to give the administrator very simple options whether to enable/disable specific features for virtual domains. It works fine when I'm creating brand new domains, however it doesn't update the pre-existing domains should I change these options.

An example:

I've defined a new custom option field called "php". The value for this option is:

Include /etc/apache2/conf.d/php4.conf

That includes and enables the php functions.

In the server template I've inserted the line:


When I create a new domain, the FIELD_PHP is replaced by the value of the option (yes=Include..., no='') and that works very well.

When I update an existing domain and switch that feature on/off, the system does not change the existing line, neither it insert one, nor it deletes the existing one.

It seems to me that the custom field feature only works at creation time and not when modifying an existing domain.

I'm using the free virtualmin.



Closed (fixed)