"Return to user list" goes to master user list for whole server, not that domain

If you are editing a virtual server and go to "edit users", and click on a mailbox for a user (not editing the user), there is a link at the bottom "return to user list" which goes back to the master list of all users for the whole server, not just that virtual domain. There are other pages with the same link that do the same thing.

Shouldn't it return to the list of mailboxes for the virtualhost you were just in?

Closed (fixed)


Howdy -- I don't actually see that behavior on my system here, clicking "Return to Users List" does just take it back to the list of users for that one domain.

Which Virtualmin version is it that you're seeing there?

And can you verify that restarting Webmin with "/etc/init.d/webmin restart" doesn't resolve the issue?

I'm using the current version, 3.91Pro, but have had this issue since I started using VM when it first came out (I'm an "early adopter"). I am logged in as root when this happens (should have mentioned that), which is probably why it takes me back to the master list. But if I'm editing a particular virtual domain, I believe this link should return me to only the virtual server. All of the others do.

If you mouse over that "return to user list" link, that is the URL?

Hi Jaime, It's /mailboxes/index.cgi

Thanks, Steve

Ok, I see what you mean now - this will be fixed in the next Webmin / Virtualmin releases.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.