Dynamic IP Setup

I was thinking about this setting in"Addresses and Networking" and was wondering how it worked. I looked through the Documentation, but was unable to fine anything on the subject.

Here is what I was thinking. I have 5 Static IP's, 4 IP's I use on the server. the 5 one I use for my Home Router. for internet access for everything in the house. If I can use Virtualmin as a DHCP Server, then I could add another IP to the Server. If it works that way.

If this is the way it works, how do I connect it to my Home Network. Do I just run a line from my Server's Router to my Home Network Router, and set the IP for what ever the 1st Dynamic IP is set to?

Any info on this subject would be very helpful

Regards Michael



I think the only way that could be done is if your router is acting just as a modem, and all the ip addresses are directly on the Linux system. If the router really is doing routing, it needs an external IP.

Thank you for the reply.

I have 5 static IP's coming from my modem I send 4 of them now to my Router on my server, and have 4 Network Controllers in the server.

My Modem is also a Router, (not wireless) just direct connections. I took one line off the Modem/Router and ran it to my Home Network Router (also is wireless). So my computers, and Laptops Plus my Media Server and TV, Blu-ray player, PS3, Wii, TiVo, and printer is all connected to my Home Network Router.

So I have 2 Routers. If I put another Network Adapter in my server, I can use all 5 IP's on my server.

Now if I assign a DHCP address from the Server (Virtualmin) then run another Cat5 cable to my Home Network Router, and it it up for DHCP dynamic address, then my home network will still be able to access the internet is the Right?


I'm not really sure, as this is outside the area of what Virtualmin manages ... all I can suggest is to try it and see if it works.

That said, I would normally recommend against hosting serious websites behind a NAT setup from a consumer ISP like this - if your site is going to get a lot of traffic, it should be hosted at a datacenter.