Install Script Using Outdated php


I had to uninstall and reinstall virtualmin recently. However, I had forgotten I updated php to php53 because wordpress, and other software I installed requires a newer version of php.

When I went to use wget -O\&key=MYKEYHERE; /bin/sh it's still trying to install php-common which conflicts with php53-common.

Is there a way you guys could provide an updated script to account for that?



The Virtualmin installer assumes it's being installed onto a fresh server -- since PHP 5.3 isn't installed by default, it'll cause the problems you're seeing.

One option to get around that would be to temporarily remove the various php53-* packages you have installed there, and then perform the Virtualmin installation.

You can see all the package names by running this command:

rpm -qa | grep php-53

When you run the installer again after removing the PHP packages, it'll install the various php-* packages for you, and then once it's done, you could replace those again with php53-*.