Analytics codes not appending

OS: RHEL 6.2 PHP: 5.3

I have added Google Analytics and Piwik code to the analytics of my site. I can see the entries in the httpd.conf file, but none of my codes are appending to any of my websites. I see no errors except the Apache2::Filter errors that I was told are fine.

These are in my httpd.conf file: PerlRequire /etc/webmin/virtualmin-google-analytics/ PerlOutputFilterHandler Virtualmin::GoogleAnalytics PerlSetVar AnalyticsID UA-21812916-6 PerlSetVar PiwikID 6

I might have a missing perl module. If I could get a list of modules that need to be installed, that would be great.



Do you have gzip compression enabled in Apache or PHP for your website? It can prevent the html substitution of analytics code from working ..