php5.conf contains SetHandler

I removed the SetHandler lines to satisfy virtualmin (GPL) but after removing the lines I keep getting a 500 error message on my sites. This was after the update April 2012. The sites were running great before the update. They still run great as long as the SetHandler lines are not removed but now only locally. I tried removing the lines and going to Server Configuration>Website options and setting the virtual servers to CGI, but the problem remains.

So sites work locally but not from another computer, php doesnt load (lines not removed).

My php setup is prefork' not threaded. Im out of ideas any idea would be great.

The logs give me nothing relating to the issue.



Howdy -- if those SetHandler lines were in your php5.conf file, that means that mod_php would have overridden the PHP Execution Mode settings -- so everything would have been using mod_php rather than the default FCGID.

One thing you could try is to go into Server Configuration -> Website Options, and to change one of your domains to use mod_php, and see if that resolves your issue.

It's possible that your sites were setup in a way that expected mod_php, and removing it may have caused them to behave unexpectedly.