Typo3 update


I have many typo3 installations and updated these websites/domains to a new server CentOS 6 with PHP 5.3

Many pages return an error like below, but not all, many pages also work fine (strange):

The error message: PHP : Function eregi_replace() is deprecated in /home/soundgallery/public_html/typo3conf/ext/tslib_patcher/class.ux_tslib_cobj.php line 298

I belive a Typo3 update to version 4.6 will solve the case.

I tried to update to an unsupported version, but the installer returned, there is already a typo3 installed.

Virtualmine offers Typo3 Version 4.3.3 - Question: is there a work around to update to Version 4.6 ? Maybe that could solve the case. What do you think?

Best regards Nick Tschan

typo3 installation offered by virtualmin (4.3.3). ... mmmh does virtualmin offer a newer version to update or is there a workaround to update typo3?

Most of my clients work with typo3.



You would have to do a manual upgrade - unfortunately Virtualmin cannot support automated installation of Type versions after 4.3.3, due to changes in the way their installer works :-(