Migrating from Plesk 9 server

I'm trying to use migrate-domain.pl script to migrate from Plesk 9 server. I'm creating a backup in Plesk, transfer it into Virtualmin server, and call /usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-servers/migrate-domain.pl --source --type plesk9

Then I get following error message:

Validating migration file .. .. validation failed : Not a complete Plesk 8 backup file - missing XML file

However .xml file is present in the same directory as .tgz file.



Howdy -- I'm not sure if this is the issue, but just to rule out a possible environment problem, can you try running your import like this, which uses the "virtualmin" command line tool:

virtualmin migrate-domain --source /path/to/plesk/backup --type plesk9

Does that help, or do you end up with the same error?