Cannot restore backups from Amazon S3


I am trying to restore a backup from my Amazon S3 bucket and I get the following message :

Restore failed : The specified source does not contain any domains, or is not a Virtualmin backup

Still the files are in the bucket. I remembered that I tested this in the past (when I first set up the backups a few months back) and it worked.

Hope you can help.



Could you post the full output from the restore process here?

Also, what bucket path did you use when doing the backup?

Here a screenshots of the settings (backup, restore) and error message.

On the restore form, you should replace the %Y-%m-%d with the actual date you want to restore from..

Well, that makes sense. Unfortunately, I still get the same error message.

Could the error message... be wrong? (i.e. there is an error, but a different one?)

Could you post the new error message that you are getting, and a list of the files in that 10-03-2012 bucket?

BTW, a work-around if you need the restore done faster is to download the files from that bucket manually to your Virtualmin system, and restore from a local file.