Update "The IP address is already used" error with link to documentation

It would be great if the "Failed to create virtual server" and "The IP address is already used by virtual server" error included to documentation on the subject.

In this case, andreychek posted the solution in the forums at http://www.virtualmin.com/node/13133#comment-57221

To allow an IP address to be used for any server, what you'd need to do is go into Addresses and Networking -> Shared IP Addresses, and setup your new IP address as being shared.

Is there a central document that includes errors and their likely solutions?




So what was the trigger for this issue in your case ... was that actually another domain on the same IP, or was the error incorrect?

Another domain was using the same IP address.

As an aside, I did try removing that address, adding it to the shared IP address section under "Addresses and Networking" and then adding it back to the domain. That resulted in the same error.

What I ended up doing was deleting it, adding the shared IP address to "Addresses and Networking" and then recreating the domain with the shared IP address).

The simplest solution here would be to select the domain that already owns the IP, go to Server Configuration -> Change IP Address, and click the "Convert Private Address to Shared" button.