Perl i386 conflict with

Hi Guys,

I installed a new XEN host using Centos 5.6 x86_64 today, ran full updates and then downloaded the and ran it. The script kept failing with messages about conflicting packages from perl i386 and the already installed perl x86_64. To resolve this I modified the install script with the following to get it to finish successfully :

YUM install Perl, modules and other dependencies

echo Installing required Perl modules using YUM ..

yum install -y perl.x86_64 openssl perl-Net-SSLeay vixie-cron bind bind-utils kernel-xen kernel-xen-devel xen xen-libs lsof




Howdy -- thanks for the info!

That's unfortunately an issue that we've occasionally seen on CentOS 5.

There's some details on the problem, as well as how to resolve it, documented here in the section named "Why Is 32bit Perl installed on my 64bit CentOS System":