Adding existing kvm machine with lvm storage results in wrong configuration being produced

When adding existing kvm machine through Cloudmin web interface cloudming gets some configuration from running kvm process and guesses/produces other configuration entities. Unfortunately guesses for "kvm_monitor" and "kvm_console" (at least these two) configuration variables are inappropriate for kvm machines with lvm backed storage. In such case these variables get the values of: kvm_monitor=/dev/cloudmin_vg/abc_cloudmin__img.monitor kvm_console=/dev/cloudmin_vg/abc_cloudmin__img.console These variables prevent affected machine from starting at boot time from /etc/init.d/cloudmin-kvm. There is no fix available from Cloudmin web interface. Fixing /etc/init.d/cloudmin-kvm doesn't work either, as this file is re-generated every time a new machine is created. The only way to fix it is to find a corresponding configuration in /etc/webmin/servers and to fix it manually there (by setting these variables to "/kvm/abc.cloudmin..monitor").

Closed (fixed)


Thanks for pointing this out - I will fix this bug in the next Cloudmin release.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.