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New Virtualmin/Webmin user here:

I am looking for clean cut documentation on how to create DNS templates for new virtual servers added. Currently Staring at the giant textarea labeled "BIND DNS records for new domains:" with a lot of uncertainty as to what to place in here.

I can copy paste the content of a /var/lib/bind/*.hosts file from another server. If this area will be directly placed into the named configuration file. But don't I need to substitute the hostname with some sort of wildcard so that the new domain, which is being added, gets placed instead?


Is there an IRC channel to solicit support?



Howdy! Normally, the DNS records are created for you automatically. You'd only need to make changes if the default DNS templates that are used aren't to your liking.

If you do indeed want to make changes, you could do it one of two ways, both involving that "BIND DNS records for new domains" textarea that you're seeing.

Option #1 is to add records to that textarea which should be appended to the normal DNS records that are added to the zone file. This is the default.

Option #2 is to paste in what the entire DNS zone should look like. If you want to do that, you'd set the option "Use only the records above" that's available under that textarea.

You're correct that you'd want to use variables and substitutions. You can click the text "BIND DNS records for new domains" to see help text containing an example of some of the available variables that you can use. The most common one there is the '${DOM}' variable.

Note though that the support area here is for Virtualmin Pro customers, it looks like you're using Virtualmin GPL. So if you have any followup questions, we'd encourage you to post your questions into the forums (using the Forums link above). We monitor those, along with lots of wonderful folks from the community!

Alternatively, you could also ask your questions in the IRC channel #virtualmin on freenode. Although the forums are the official way to get support, the IRC channel can be quite helpful. Thanks!