Cron Jobs no longer running (HELP)

Hi Guys,

I'm not sure what has happened to our Virtualmin server but for some time now It has not run I would say a single cron, but just as i'm thinking about it I think it does run some crons as I suspect that the Virtualmin updates are found only after a cron is run. would that be correct. anyway the issue that we have is that our WHMCS cron jobs are not being executed.

Any Ideas




Howdy -- you can see what cron jobs are running by looking in /var/log/syslog, and searching for the text "CRON".

Do you see it running any cron jobs in there?

Also, check if the crond process is running on your system - without it, cron jobs won't be executed.

hi guys,

ok I looked at the process PID'S and found a process called "cron" not "crond" that is running. Its Parent process is /sbin/init

I also looked at the services in the "Bootup and shudown" menu and the "cron" service is there and set to start at bootup.

So I'm uncirtain where i should look next...



Ok also after looking into the /var/log/syslog

I found the following which are occuring at 1am

Mar 4 01:00:01 c3po CRON[8505]: (root) CMD (/etc/webmin/quota/ Mar 4 01:00:01 c3po CRON[8502]: (root) CMD (/etc/webmin/status/ Mar 4 01:00:01 c3po CRON[8506]: (root) CMD (/etc/webmin/virtual-server/ Mar 4 01:00:01 c3po CRON[8503]: (shirehosting) CMD (/usr/bin/wget -q -O /dev/null Mar 4 01:00:01 c3po CRON[8510]: (www-data) CMD ([ -x /usr/lib/cgi-bin/ -a -f /etc/awstats/awstats.conf -a -r /var/log/apache2/access.log ] && /usr/lib/cgi-bin/ -config=awstats -update >/dev/null) Mar 4 01:00:01 c3po CRON[8512]: (CRON) error (popen: setuid(1118) failed: Resource temporarily unavailable)

The important one above is the (shirehosting) job which is supposed to issue overdue invoices remove and suspend servers etc. and it dose not seem to be running.

If however I execute is manually by going into Webmin -> System -> Scheduled Cron Jobs it works fine



According to your log output there, it does appear that the cron job is being successfully called.

The next step would be to look in the corresponding access and error logs in $HOME/logs, and to see if there's any errors occurring then, or if it's running correctly.

Ok the Apache error log for the time frame we are looking at reports the following

[Sat Mar 03 00:09:52 2012] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/shirehosting/public_html/plug [Sat Mar 03 00:30:22 2012] [error] [client] request failed: error reading the headers [Sat Mar 03 01:50:25 2012] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/shirehosting/public_html/appConf.htm

but none of the above is an error generated at 1am, so still no answer




Just keep in mind that if I run the job manually it works fine.


What about your access log, is it showing a connection from your own IP address to members/admin/cron.php at 1am?

If so, can you paste in the log entry?

Ok here it is but doesn't look like there's anything to see of any substance - - [04/Mar/2012:00:30:02 +1100] "HEAD / HTTP/1.0" 200 388 "-" "Webmin" - - [04/Mar/2012:00:35:02 +1100] "HEAD / HTTP/1.0" 200 388 "-" "Webmin" - - [04/Mar/2012:00:40:03 +1100] "HEAD / HTTP/1.0" 200 388 "-" "Webmin" - - [04/Mar/2012:00:45:02 +1100] "HEAD / HTTP/1.0" 200 388 "-" "Webmin" - - [04/Mar/2012:00:50:02 +1100] "HEAD / HTTP/1.0" 200 388 "-" "Webmin" - - [04/Mar/2012:00:51:05 +1100] "-" 408 0 "-" "-" - - [04/Mar/2012:00:51:08 +1100] "-" 408 0 "-" "-" - - [04/Mar/2012:00:55:02 +1100] "HEAD / HTTP/1.0" 200 388 "-" "Webmin" - - [04/Mar/2012:01:46:39 +1100] "-" 408 0 "-" "-" - - [04/Mar/2012:01:46:40 +1100] "-" 408 0 "-" "-" - - [04/Mar/2012:01:46:40 +1100] "-" 408 0 "-" "-" - - [04/Mar/2012:01:47:49 +1100] "-" 408 0 "-" "-" - - [04/Mar/2012:01:47:49 +1100] "-" 408 0 "-" "-"

Our Ip is the 68.168 one



Just keep in mind that if I run the job manually it works fine.

I believe you -- the issue is just that cron shows that job as running, so we need to figure out what it's actually doing.

Do you get any output if you log into your server as the user "shirehosting", and run this command:

/usr/bin/wget -q -O /dev/null

The strangest thing just happened, about 2 comments back I disabled the cron and then re-enabled it and it just ran about 20mins ago at 15:07 Sydney time, even though its set to run at 1am

Make sure when you see it in your access_log, that it appears to be from your own IP address.

Drupal turned your log entry into a link, and I may have accidentally clicked it, which could have caused the cron job to run :-/

Just to be sure, you may also want to check your systems time by running the command "date", just to verify that your time is correct.

So the "date" comand returned the following

date Sun Mar 4 15:36:39 EST 2012

Which is exactly the time on my desktop.

and I'm just checking the logs now

ok it may have been you,

does this ip ring a bell


Yup, that's me... I was just trying to highlight part of your post as I was reading it, and I managed to accidentally click the link.

When you get a chance though, try what I mentioned in comment #10 above, and see what happens when you do that.

i gotta tell ya, this has got me f****d, i just set the cron to run at 15:47 and it did.

explain that to me...

and here is the /var/log/syslog for that time

Mar 4 15:47:01 c3po CRON[16317]: (root) CMD (/etc/webmin/virtual-server/ Mar 4 15:47:01 c3po CRON[16318]: (shirehosting) CMD (/usr/bin/wget -q -O /dev/null Mar 4 15:47:11 c3po postfix/smtpd[16759]: connect from localhost[]

Yeah, the cron job running at 15:47 looks the same at the one running at 01:00.

It does appear to be running at 01:00 -- so if it's not working, the next step is to try and determine what, if any, errors are occurring.

There don't seem to be any related errors in the Apache log. But if there's a cron error, it should send that to the Virtual Server owner via email. Is that Virtual Server owner getting any emails regarding that cron job?