Error - Missing Content-Type Header creating alias domain

I recently install Virtualmin 3.90 GPL and setup the virtualmin nginx 1.2 module and everything is working great except creating alias virtual servers. Every time I try it gives the error: "Error - Missing Content-Type Header". Creating regular virtual servers and sub-servers works fine.

An error is created in /var/webmin/miniserv.error: /virtual-server/domain_setup.cgi : Missing Content-Type Header

But I can't find any other errors in any logs that are of any help. If you know where to look please tell me.

I'm guessing that alias are simply broken when using nginx and if so it's obviously a bug.



Thanks for the bug report! I'll pass this along to Jamie to take a look at.

Could you try creating the alias domain by SSHing into the system and running the command :

virtualmin create-domain --domain --alias --dir --virtualmin-nginx

I'd be interested to know what error that outputs..

That command seemed to work fine: Beginning server creation ..

Creating home directory .. .. done

Updating target Nginx virtual host .. .. done

Applying Nginx configuration .. .. done

Saving server details .. .. done

Updating Webmin user .. .. done

Re-loading Webmin .. .. done

All done!

Try adding the line debuglog=/var/webmin/miniserv.debug to /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf, then running /etc/webmin/restart , and then immediately after creating an alias domain via the UI.

Then remove the debuglog= line and run /etc/webmin/restart again to turn off logging.

Then attach the resulting miniserv.debug file to this bug report, or email it to me at