Virtual Server Options of another domain shown

I have 3 virtual servers: - - - If i select then i see in Services->Configure Website its options. Same if i select But if i select then i see options of So i have next assiciation:

Selected Virtual Server | Shown options -> (ok) -> (INVALID) -> (ok)

All other pages work fine showing correct options.

If i add more vierual server i have more bugs. If i add two more servers: - - Then i have next association

Selected Virtual Server | Shown options -> (ok) -> (INVALID) -> (ok) -> (INVALID) -> (INVALID)

It seems to me that issued is caused by using third level domains. Upgrade to latest 1.570 did not help to solve issue.



I have just deleted all virtual servers but and and got into troubles: now options for work fine, but if i select then it shows no information. It seems like all template placeholders are empty: no domain name, no paths... Very strange bug.

Found workaround by resaving virtual servers. After that everything work fine. But there is a bug in any way.

This could be caused by an out-of-date cached of left menu data.

Did you by any chance edit the Apache configuration manually?